1. Its my friend whiteandblackbird's birthday today and Hellboy seemed as good a person as any to help me wish her a happy birthday

  3. Watercolour #2.

    Miiigggght have gone crazy with the colour… Just a little.

  4. Trying my hand at watercolours again!

    I think its a beautiful medium, so I want to get more comfortable with it.

  5. My reaction the the 2014 Emmy Award Nominations in the form of a comic.

    Da fuck Emmy awards??!

  6. Low Poly self portrait

  7. Film Scene #2

    (scene from moviesincolor.com)


  8. Suggest A Scene From A Movie

    I’ve been really into digitally painting scenes from movies as of late, so feel free to send me a suggestion or a request!

  9. Film Scene #1

    "Beasts Of The Southern Wild"

    (scene from moviesincolor.com)

  10. Latest work in progress